Tips in Packing the Kitchen

Tips in Packing the Kitchen

Nomads have it easy when they move. Moving the kitchen is a no-brainer issue for them. They simply bring the whole caboodle with them wherever they go, pots, pans and cutlery, (excluding the kitchen sink of course!) and they just swoop them up in one go, but not for city-dwellers. Packing up and moving the kitchen is such major issue – especially for those who have not experienced moving in their life. Packing up is such a daunting task and requires a good deal of organization skills.

What to do when one is clueless in packing and kitchen moving? Here are some helpful tips from US Transit for the first time movers:

Get a big box for things to discard. Chances are there are a lot of unnecessary kitchen doodads and gadgets stashed around the kitchen. Check the pantry and drawers for any unneeded things. Donate them, or put up a garage sale. Label the box – For Sale/For Donation.

Pack the big appliances

Refrigerator. Make sure the refrigerator has been defrosted at least a day before moving day. Get rid of the all the contents. Clean all drawers, walls and shelves using a soft cloth. See to it that you read the owner’s manual. Wrap shelves with bubble wrap or towels and tape them together. Tape down drawers and the refrigerator doors. Don’t forget to tape the electrical cord. Wrap it around a cardboard box or bubble wrap for protection.

Stove. Clean the stove top and the oven. Tape down the oven racks and place them on the bottom rung of the oven. Tape the stove door. Tape the electrical cord. Wrap it around a large cardboard box for protection.

Dishwasher. Check the owner’s manual before removing and draining the water. Take away all the dishes, cups and cutlery. Tape down the racks and the basket. Tape the door shut. Tape the electrical cord. Wrap it around a large cardboard box for protection.

Pack the breakables. For glassware, china, dishes and cups, prepare a moving box for each item. Layer the bottom box with newspaper for cushion. Wrap each piece of glassware of cup or dish in blank newsprint paper or bubble wrap and tape it. Place wrapped cups or glasses on upright position. Place a cardboard or a wad of newspaper on top of the glasses and fill sides with crumpled newspaper for added cushion and protection. Keep layering until the top of the box. Tape the box and label and mark “Fragile.” Do the same procedure with the china and other breakable objects.

Pack the pots and pans in one moving box. Make sure the breakable pots and pans are wrapped in small kitchen towels or bubble wraps before placing them in the moving box.

Finally, make sure all the boxes are marked and labeled for easier unpacking.

Enjoy the packing up and kitchen moving. And go ahead pat yourself for a job well done. For further moving assistance, contact US Transit.

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