How to Pack the Pool Table

How to Pack the Pool Table

For a person who loves sports, it’s always nice to have things like pool tables in home. The bravado feeling while being classy and stylish all at once is what a pool table gives you and the feeling is quite irresistible. So now you are moving and moving a pool table is just a terrifying thought.. Does it really possible?

Moving pool table is not as hard as it seems. These are the easy things to remember when packing or moving your pool table:

Contact the local movers

This is the easiest way of handling this. With their help, you can just sit back, relax, and maybe even grill yourself some sizzling steak while they do it. In just a matter of minutes… voila! Your table is packed! Awesome right?! If you want your moving process to be stress free, call them.

Usage of Proper Equipments

If there’s one thing that you must have when packing a pool table, that’d be a four wheeled dolly. This can spell the difference of your packing being successful and less stressful, or disastrous while being stressed like hell. This equipment helps in the lifting process and this can save you A LOT of energy.

Other must have tools are also cartons, bubble wraps, tapes and the usual screw drivers etc.

Disassemble the Table

Many have tried and as they say… and many have failed. Should you decide not to dismantle your table, be prepared for a catastrophic moving process. Even movers dismantles pool tables when they move. If anything, that’s their secret for successfully packing/moving pool tables. Doing this would help them save space and ensure the tables’ safety.

Just a tip though… always keep the manual. Or if you don’t have one, make one when dismantling the table. Remember that many of those who blindly disassemble their tables without keeping track of how they did it end up without having any pool tables in the end. It’s either one, they can’t remember how to put it back, two, they have no idea how to put it back, or three, did I mention they have no idea how to put it back???

So you see, packing pool tables is not that hard. Do not deprive yourself of having the joy of owning a pool table just for the meager reason of moving. Just keep these tips in mind and surely, packing a pool table will be as smooth as a crystal ball.

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