Hard-to-ove Household Items: Importance of Your Moving Insurance Coverage

Hard-to-ove Household Items: Importance of Your Moving Insurance Coverage

Depending upon your insurance coverage and the policies set forth by your moving company, there are some household items that you’re better off moving yourself. Take, for instance, your jewelry. As you review your inventory with your moving company, you’ll probably be asked to fill out a separate document which asks you for a list of your high value possessions.

The household items on this list should receive additional coverage in the event of loss, so make it your mission to ensure that all of your “high-value” possessions are recorded. Otherwise, they’ll receive “standard” coverage, which will be inadequate.

In any event, many would argue that you’re better off moving your jewelry and other priceless or irreplaceable household items – such as heirloom glassware, small antiques or valuable collections — by yourself, simply for the sake of peace of mind.

Is shipping with movers safer? That’s anyone’s guess. If you’ve found a highly-recommended moving company with whom you’re comfortable, and you’ve decided to have the movers transport your most valuable household items, be sure to notify them — both verbally and in writing — before packing begins so that your special goods may be labeled accordingly and transported with additional care. Get receipts in writing when goods are picked up. Also, it makes sense to make a photo record of valued household items.

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